I enjoy the “boutique” experience.  

What I appreciate is being made to feel special and knowing that both me and my time are important.  I love that my boutique providers know me so well.  They anticipate my needs and wants…often before I do….and they’re just in tune with me.  What else is synonymous with “boutique” – to me, it’s top notch customer service, expertise in their field, feeling like I’m the only client or issue being dealt with and that people are doing their absolute best for me.  If I’m spending my money on something anyways, this is how I want to feel doing it!


It reminds me of a recent mainstream shop experience where a gift item I was purchasing was on sale – the service was deplorable, the wait to actually pay for the item was 25 minutes…I know, if you know me, you’re probably shocked I waited....and then, when I finally got to the cash, the cashier was so flustered she couldn’t even manage a smile never mind a thanks for shopping here etc.


That experience had me thinking that the sale price was what lured me in but I was wishing I’d gone to my usual haunt where I may have paid more but I’d have left the shop, within minutes I might add, gift in hand and a smile on my face!  I guess I’m all about the “feel good” experience.           


Seeing as I value these things so highly, it’s no wonder that it’s hugely important to me that I always strive to provide the same type of “experience” when the shoe is on the other foot and I’m the provider!


In keeping with my penchant for “boutique”, it seems a logical progression, to after providing years of excellent personal real estate service to my clients, I also add a “boutique” real estate firm to the offerings.


It’s about a “can-do” attitude, it’s about looking at your situation and being able to adapt to and provide options that support your specifics, it’s about you and your business being appreciated….it’s about providing you a real estate experience that will leave a smile on your face too!