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YYC Burger Week

Calgary Burger Week


Did you know that YYC Burger Week officially started today?   The event runs from May 2 to May 10 and includes 30!!! participants - up from 16 last year.

If you feel an excuse to "burger-out" each and every day, then you'll be happy to know that the event supports 3 local 
charities with 10% of each sale being allocated to their designated charity.  OK, so how could you not possibly particiate?
In a nutshell, there are 3 categories of burger - $10, $15, $20 - and the public votes for their favorite in each category....who will triumph this year?
Burger National - resized 200  


The $10 category includes: 

  • Billingsgate
  • Burger 320     *  GF buns
  • Clive Burger   *  GF buns & burgers
  • Eats of Asia
  • Flipp’n Burgers
  • National 17th  * GF burgers & buns
  • Primal Soup Company
  • Ship and Anchor

The $15 category includes: 

  • Blowfish Sushi Lounge
  • Canvas Bistro
  • Craft Beer Market
  • Fine Diner in Inglewood   * GF buns
  • Grumans Deli
  • Houstins Public House
  • Loungeburger
  • Murdochs Bar and Grill
  • Naina’s Kitchen (last years winner)
  • Oak Tree Tavern
  • Winebar Kensington  * GF buns
  • Market

The $20 category includes:   

  • Anejo
  • Blue Star Diner
  • Brasserie Kensington  * GF buns
  • Diner Deluxe
  • Downtownfood
  • Main Dish
  • National 10th Ave  * GF buns & burgers 
  • Notable       * GF buns & burgers
  • Selkirk Grille   *  GF buns  
  • Yellow Door Bistro

Check out the specialty burgers....amped up traditional and interesting twists...and not all are beef! 

note: if you have gluten issues, you’d be best to double check with the restaurant that the burger and bun are ok for you.  In the past, I’ve eaten burgers from the regular menu at Clive Burger, National & Notable as they were gluten free…however, their contest burgers might not follow their regular menu….as always….double, double check & then check again!  


You can also get a passport….yes, a burger eating passport… any of the participating locations.



Let the burger games begin!!

clive burger resized 200


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