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Top 100 Restaurants - 2015

The top 100 restaurants in Canada rankings are out!

The #1 restaurant - Toque - is in Montreal.  You might want to check it out if you're travelling to that side of the country.    

How did Calgary fare?  We have 4 restaurants ranking quite respectively, and with good reason, in the top 50.

What restaurants made the cut?

Model Milk came in at #12


Charcut is #31


Rouge ranked #37


River Cafe came in at #40


We have amazing culinary options in Calgary - even if they don't rank in the top 100 on the list - and we keep getting better!   I've had the pleasure of eating at all of these with the exception of Model Milk which is on the top of my "to try" list.

Have you eaten in any of these restaurants?  Do think any other locals should have been included?  

I'd love to hear your thoughts....feel free to leave me a comment below.