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Million+ MLS Sales September 2013

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What Happened in the $1,000,000+ Calgary Residential Market in September 2013?


Between September 1, 2013 and September 30, 2013, there were 1360 MLS residential sales (excluding Condominiums).  The lowest sale price for the month was $131,000 and the highest was $2,500,000.  

In narrowing the parameters and looking only at sales between the $1,000,000 mark and the highest sale price, there were 57 sales within the range.   

Aside from the “stats” - there’s so much more insight to be found by digging a little deeper.  For example, I find it interesting that of these 57 sales, 33 of them took place in various SW communities.  The balance of the sales breakdown by quadrant saw 17 in the NW, 6 in the SE and 1 in the NE.   

The higher number of sales in the SW is in part attributed to not only new construction but also to the number of communities with higher price tags due to their close proximity to downtown.

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The most expensive sale for the month occurred in a new SW development in what was the former Currie Barracks – while the SW Altadore-River Park area saw 6 sales with all but 2 being new construction.  

In the NW quadrant of the city, 3 of 4 sales in the Hillhurst community were new construction infills as was the 1 newly built NE sale in Bridgeland.  By contrast in SE Calgary’s McKenzie Lake the 3 $1,000,000+ sales were all resale homes with stellar locations.

Another interesting bit of information to be gleaned from the sales data are things like what kind of properties sold.  Of the 57 sales, the following property styles sold: 39 - 2 Storey, 10- Bungalows, 3 - 3 Storey's, 3 - 2.5 Storey,  1 - 4 Level Split, 1 - 2 Storey Split.

What does all this mean?  – there are a lot of variables to consider when assessing our real estate market and general market statistics alone don’t necessarily give you the full picture.  Lifestyle, location, proximity to downtown, commute time, views, square footage etc. are all factors that influence the various price tags, quadrants of the city and communities with the value you place on all of them being paramount.      


September 1, 2013 – September 30, 2013

MLS Residential Sales - $1,000,000+ (excluding condominium)

                          Total MLS Sales = 1360

                          Lowest Sale Price = $    131,000

                          Highest Sale Price = $2,500,000

                          # of Sales $1,000,000+ = 57

                          SW Sales $1,000,000+  = 33 of 57

                          NW Sales $1,000,000+  = 17 of 57

                          SE Sales $1,000,000+  = 6 of 57

                          NE Sales $1,000,000+ = 1 of 57

Food for thought - if you’re selling – are you competing with new construction or awesome locations?  If you’re buying might you have a little more leverage because the community you’re looking in has an abundance of inventory or contrary to that there’s not much selection to choose from?           

If you’d like more insight into what’s happening in our real estate market, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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