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Holiday Safety Tips for your Home

Holiday Safety Tips for your Home


With summer in full swing, your thoughts are likely turning to your holidays getaways.


Whether packing up for a “fly-away” vacation or road trip, here are a few home safety tips worth keeping in mind as you start packing your suitcases.


cp train luggage 


  • ROADTRIPPING?  If you pack up the car the night before it’s best not to leave it parked in the driveway overnight….if passersby see a “holiday” loaded car it can give them a heads up that you’re heading out of town.


  • PHONE RINGING?  Turn your land line phone ringer down or completely off so that anyone walking by or at your front door won’t hear an unanswered phone or a voice mail message.


  • FRONT DOOR CRIMINALS?  Have someone check for junk mail taped to the front door – did you know that criminals sometimes leave these to see how long it takes for someone to remove them?


  • NEWSPAPER?  Simple but in the flurry of “getting-out-of-town” activity, it’s easily overlooked.


  • MAIL?  Canada Post can hold your mail so that nothing is delivered.  Pick it up when you’re back. 


  • LANDSCAPING?  If you'll be gone any length of time make sure to have someone look after it.  


  • INTERIOR/EXTERIOR LIGHTS?  Put them on alternating timers so a variety of lights go on and off on different days….there’s also an app for that! 


  • CAR GPS AT AIRPORT?  Bring it with you if portable or remove your home address – it gives potential thieves your home address & possibly garage opener access – on that note, don’t leave an opener in the car and/or disable a programmable one. 


  • GARAGE DOOR?  Disengage the garage opener – thieves use “universal” remotes.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA BROADCASTING?  It's fun to share your excitement but a little discretion goes a long might not only be “friends” trolling your posts.


With all of these “extras” crossed off your list, you’re well on your way to a worry free holiday.


Happy Travels!


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