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Calgary Neighbourhood Trivia

Calgary Neighourhood Trivia 


Interesting tidbits of Calgary information from the Census 

Did you Know?

...that there are 198 neighbourhoods in Calgary 

...that the oldest neighbourhood is Inglewood  

...that the newest neighbourhoods are Cityscape and Hotchkiss 

...that if you're looking for the most singles in the city you'll find them in the Beltline (in fact there are        8,905 singles)

...that you'll find the highest number of seniors - 2,365 to be exact - in Varsity 

...that the most Mom headed single parent families - 635 - live in Huntington Hills 

...that the most Dad headed single parent families - 170 each - are in Dover and Huntington Hills 

...and the community with the most families?  Well, you'll find them in family oriented Evergreen

Not only are bits of community information useful should you find yourself playing Calgary trivia but also comes in handy if your on the hunt for a community that suits your lifestyle.