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Calgary Gluten Free Shopping

Gluten Free in Calgary – My Favorite Shopping Spots


GF Big Star Bakery

Clients of mine relocating from the US to Calgary were telling me about their toddler having  wheat intolerance issues.  Given that I recently found out I have a gluten allergy, I could totally relate to their plight.  


In eliminating that evil gluten from my life (and my poor unsuspecting husband’s as well!), I went on the hunt for those prized gluten free products.  It started innocently enough….the gluten free isle at Safeway… but my repertoire has expanded greatly and I must say that Calgary is such a great City in supporting eating alternatives and healthy lifestyles in general. I think you’d be hard pressed to find any other City as equally accommodating.  In fact, I was in Toronto not long ago and it didn’t seem like an easy task to find dedicated bakeries or products.           


Anyways, back to my client – I said “don’t worry, I’ll tell you where all the different places that I’ve discovered are” – it was at that statement that I realized I’ve got some great GF intel that I should be sharing.  If you’ve got an intolerance, are celiac or have simply chosen the GF lifestyle, I’m sure you’ve discovered your own go to places but if you’re new to living gluten free and/or are new to the city (daunting enough never mind having to try to find food) or both (eek!) and trying to source these not overly publicized locales, hopefully this list will get you started.     

GF Food Other 

Here they are: 


Big Star Bake House – a cornucopia of GF yummieness .. including focaccia and a Flax bread that is absolutely awesome (and it toasts beautifully too)!               

Lakeview on 90th Gluten Free Bakery – fresh baked goodies & bread, pantry staples, frozen items -awesome ravioli!

Lakeview Bakery – baked GF items come from the dedicated bakery-this location also supplies many of the stores so usually a good selection available – try Against the Grain Cinnamon & Raisin Bread

Blush Lane Organic Market – good alternative flours, frozen & packaged selection

Community Natural Foods – love the little red GF labels – super easy to spot – amazingly huge selection + vitamins etc. – one stop shopping  

Costco – amazing  spaghetti (even my Italian husband likes it!), they continue to add more items but have granola bars, meal items (just read the labels you’ll find many choices), alternative flour blend ($8.99!...should have bought more than 1), crackers etc…. & prices you can’t beat!      

Williams Sonoma – Excellent Cup-4-Cup flour replacement (pricey at $22 - but good) & baking mixes

Market 17 – packaged, large selection of frozen + pantry staples  

Safeway – Aspen Hills & Westhills have a good selection of Bob’s Red Mill

Co-opCare Bakery frozen bread items – you must try the pizza crust!

Gluten Free Marketplace – yup, a dedicated shop

Spolumbo’s – all but 2 of their vast sausage selection are gluten free

The Farmer’s Market – Spragg Farms (really awesome breakfast sausages), Miss P’s Gluten Free baked goods + other kiosks have items – you just have to explore  


GF - Costco 


I seem to stumble upon new places every other week so I’m always happily adding to my repertoire.  If you know of any others that I haven’t yet discovered, I’d love it if you shared!  


Stay tuned for a future post about my Calgary dining experiences – not always the easiest to navigate.      


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