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Learning Day - Fun Facts

I recently attended an event that included discussions on City Economic Trends, Housing Market, Municipal Finance, City Planning, Housing Affordability …… and other topics along this vein. 


Did you know that?


  • Population growth in existing communities within Calgary City limits between the years 2006 and 2039 is expected to be 800,000
  • The political administration is offering to increase the home buyers plan from the current $25,000 to $35,000 if re-elected and to introduce “more than one use” special circumstance criteria
  • The Government mandated Fintrac program will be doing random audits of real estate brokerages, checking for compliance, in November.  Fintrac paperwork is required for all real estate transactions – anti terrorism/money laundering – and includes such things as driver’s license/passport, details of deposit money etc.  
  • The City spends $10,000,000 annually on sidewalk repair and maintenance – not including new sidewalks
  • Oklahoma needed “x” amount of dollars for infrastructure upgrades – the residents voted to be taxed additional money to pay for the specified projects (a surprise to everyone that it was adopted!).  The extra taxation had a “sunset clause”
  • What is a “sunset clause” you ask?  The extra taxation disappears once the projects are completed.  It’s like having an expiration date
  • Outlying municipalities with under 5,000 people don’t pay for policing as it’s provided without cost by the RCMP 
  • Alberta is the lowest taxed province in Canada
  • More future development is expected to have the work/live component like Quarry Park for example – amenities/employment on one side and housing on the other  


It was a busy, information packed learning day and these are just some of the “fun facts” from the day.