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An Indispensable Kitchen Item

Jalapeno Corer

You have GOT to get one of these!


I love my kitchen gadgets and nothing makes me happier than browsing (very slowly) through Williams Sonoma.  There’s so much eye candy, like the new colors in the Creuset line and gleaming stainless All-Clad, the treasure trove of gadgets - it can all be very distracting.


As I tore myself away from the shiny objects over to the “tools section”  (I’m sure they have a much more sophisticated word for this but you get the gist)  So imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this gorgeous aerodynamic shiny stainless  soft cushioned handled piece of gadgetry!  It was the design that first caught my eye and my first thought was “Oh, how very intriguing, I know I don’t have whatever this is and I’m certain I must need one”  (this self-talk can be very useful).   To further entice me was the cylindrical protective packaging that it was encased in – surely a sign that this was in fact a very special piece of equipment.  (more self-talk)  


As I twirled it around and examined it further I was already eyeing how long a potential line up at the cash was – seeing nobody there meant I could be gone with my new purchase in mere seconds.  Factoring in all of these details I now decided it was time to see what this thing of beauty was actually designed to accomplish. 


My delight was almost audible (at least I hope about the “almost”) – I had in fact stumbled upon a very critical piece and could only imagine the possibilities – this thing of beauty was a Jalapeno Corer!!   Now before you judge me  - bear in mind that I wear contact lenses – contact lenses and seeding a Jalapeno DO NOT mix!   It doesn’t matter how many hours after handling them or how many times you wash your hands, the searing heat seems to linger and linger and linger – if you’ve never experienced it first hand – don’t test it out - trust me!   

As I rushed to the cash with my coveted item, I hopped in the car and drove to the local Sunterra for the freshest of Jalapeno’s – did I buy 1? Oh no, I bought 6 because I had faith that this was going to be a life changing experience. Did I know what I was making?  Of course not, whatever we were going to eat was going to have to go with my Jalapeno’s! 


I took out the 1st of my 6 jalapenos and after a very quick read of the instructions (this was special – I don’t read instructions!), I lopped off the top of that jalapeno with the special serrated edge – so far so good – my enthusiasm was mounting!  Now for the true test – the seeds – sure enough with a careful twist my jalapeno was coreless and seedless!  By the time I got to number 6 – I had mad coring skills! 

Jalapeno's Cut for Blog resizd.jpg


…..and the investment for this much bliss?.....$11.95….. don’t walk….run out and get your piece of awesomeness too! 


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