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10 Tips to a Fresh Home

The Power of the Nose – 10 Tips to Keep your Home Smelling Fresh

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There’s nothing like the smell of lemons to me – it’s clean, refreshing and light but if you ask the next person what their nose likes, you might hear things like vanilla, pine or floral.  What appeals to one, doesn’t necessarily appeal to the next.


Home odours whether they be from cooking, the litter box or just stale air won’t necessarily be masked by spraying the house with your favourite atomizer or putting scented “plug-ins” throughout the house. The initial source might be better than the co-mingling of two opposing forces that can lead to nose overload and bad reactions.        


Scent is a very personal thing.   When you have your home for sale, be cautious in the scent department and remember a little goes a long way.      


Here are 10 ideas to keep your home smelling its best:   


  • Clean furnace filters, hoodfan filters and vacuum system canisters  (dust/grease be gone)
  • Areas where pets spend a lot of time – pet beds, crates etc – might need a little extra attention to keep them fresh
  • Avoid cooking foods that might linger long past meal time (think bacon, fish, garlic)
  • Use the hoodfan and consider opening a kitchen window while cooking
  • Keep garbage bins emptied regularly
  • Consider having carpets professionally cleaned  (especially if there’s a pet or smoker)  
  • Keep air flowing by opening windows while you’re home and if weather permits or turn on your furnace circulating fan if you have one  
  • Keep appliances odour free - run dishwasher more often, clean oven frequently, clean out fridge (yes a prospective new owner will open all of these)
  • Avoid crock pot usage for meal prep
  • Sporting equipment can have a life of its own and may be best kept in the garage (think hockey equipment, gym gear or equestrian tack)   



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