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10 Spring Tips for Your Home


Winter scene


10 Spring Tips for Assessing the Exterior of Your Home


Looking out the window today, you might think this article is ill timed given the wintery scene we find ourselves dealing with in Calgary.  I however, choose to believe that this weather is simply a blip in what would have otherwise been great progress towards spring and summer! 

The elements can do a number on our home exteriors.  Spring is a great time to get outside and take stock of how things have held up over the winter months. 

Are you planning to sell your home this spring…..the real spring…when the snow finally leaves us? 

Here’s a check list of things to consider when assessing your homes readiness for market. 


  1. Front Door – is it cracked, does it need a new coat of paint/stain or maybe even replacing? 
  2. Paint trim – is anything cracked or peeling, does anything need a scape and repaint?
  3. Eave-troughs – are there leaks or sagging, is there debris to be removed, are the down spouts in good condition and free flowing? 
  4. Door hardware and locks – are they in good working order, have they tarnished or has anything come loose?     
  5. Driveway – do you note any stains, chipping or pitting that appeared over the winter?
  6. Sprinkler system – have any of the heads clogged or broken off?
  7. Exterior surface – would a power wash or new coat of paint be beneficial?  Have any of the roof surfaces come away?  
  8. Decking – are there any rotted boards or soft spots, has stain or paint peeled, do any patio stones need levelling? 
  9. Landscape – are shrubs or trees showing signs of “winter burn”, do they need a prune or  replacement, are grassed areas in need of attention?   
  10. Gardens & flowerbeds – is new earth needed or will a simple turn of the soil suffice, are fall leaves still lingering?

By no means is this an exhaustive list, but hopefully it is good food for thought.  Before a potential buyer even sets foot inside your home, they’re already forming an opinion of what might lay ahead based on a brief exterior assessment – and those first impressions are sometimes the ones that linger the longest!      

So happy Spring…..I’m convinced it is just around the corner…..


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